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    There is never an end to improvement. It's a permanent persuit for the people in Dingli to keep improving the quality of products and service. Depending on decades of development and manufacture of AMWP machine and good knowledge of key technology, Dingli provides customers with qualified products and satisfying service. The following policies is made to ensure customer’s confident to use Dingli’s product.


     All“” brand products are in accordance with the efficiency standard of nation, industry and enterprise. Dingli will inspect every part in the production.

     To ensure the confident of customer to buy our products, Dingli guarantee one year part  warranty and three years machine except the following situation: wrong operation, man-made, natural disaster, fault caused by other brand component and easy-broken parts and so on.

     Product maintenance and Parts upkeep for life

     compensable service, professional and high quality

     “7days and 24hours” service


    Service telephone number:+86-572-681638/639 E-mail: service@cndingli.com

  • Service Introduction

    Prompt response service (24hours and 365days)
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    Dealer Contact Details