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    Completely "Free" the hands of maintenance personnel,The dust of the ultimate scissor lifts are settled!
    Released time:2020-06-19 14:04:39

    Dingli maintenance-free AC scissor lift braves the wind and the waves and arrive in time

    Dingli scissor lifts have always been famous
    First-class quality, cutting-edge technology and considerate service
    Technological innovation, we always strive for excellence
    The Ultimate scissor lift series
    ▼ Is coming▼ 

    [Dual AC scissor lift series: Walking AC + Lifting AC]

        Dual AC scissor lift series, equipped with fully sealed AC system (driving, lifting), replacing the traditional DC system (driving, lifting), has the following significant advantages!
          ■ Maintenance-free: The fully sealed AC system structure is simple, no carbon brush and commutator (no need to replace), with Dingli maintenance free battery, the whole machine is maintenance-free.
          ■ More waterproof: The fully sealed AC system is customized according to the working conditions of the aerial working platform, which can meet the application conditions of frequent start-up of the equipment. The waterproof level reaches IP67 and the wading ability is good.
          ■ More efficient: The fully sealed AC system has high conversion efficiency, 8% higher than the DC motor, and the whole machine is more efficient.
          ■ Safer: Its built-in temperature, speed sensor, real-time monitoring of the whole machine dynamic, safety, stability, durability better.
        At present, Dingli ultimate AC scissor lift series has covered all types of different height. As a "Milestone" scissors’ product in the industry of aerial work platform, the advent of ultimate AC scissor lift will completely "Free" the hands of equipment maintenance personnel of leasing companies.

        Maintenance-free, more efficient, waterproof, safer...
        Dingli will also provide leasing companies with the greatest convenience and maximize benefits.
        The ultimate AC scissor lift, you deserve it!